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Stress urinary incontinence can be defined as a condition of urinary incontinence which is resulted due to increased detrusor pressure during physical exercise, coughing or sneezing. Duzey SVT is a disposable strap type sterile product which is manufactured for treatment of urinary incontinence. Duzey SVT, has been manufactured from non-colored monofilament polypropylene mesh. It is biologically suitable.


  • Provides an excellent urethral closure
  • Provides minimal tensioning
  • Minimally invasive, rapid healing process
  • Thanks to its large pores treatment process of the tissue is enhanced.

Duzey SVT Application Apparatus Range;

The products in Duzey SVT range are provided individually or together with other products. Two units of hand apparatus can be found in each package. Vaginal band is placed with ease thanks to these tools. Ergonomically design of the grips ensures optimal control for insertion of needle. Hand tools are manufactured from a non-corrosive chrome material of 4 mm, suitable for medical use. These tools are disposable.

  • Suprapubic
  • Transobturator
  • Helical