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Primary choice for hernia treatment is surgical operation. Also prothesis materials are considered among surgical options. When sufficient amounts of healthy tissue cannot be found or the defect is larger; it is the primary option to apply prothesis materials. Duzey Pre-shaped Mesh, offers flexibility, smooth rounded corners and a large pore knit structure which does not lend itself to unraveling or fraying when cut. For surgeons who may prefer to implant less material, it is approximately 60% lighter than traditional polypropylene mesh, and features a soft, thin knit structure that facilitates mesh positioning. This particular shape allows to save time, avoiding the shaping during the operation. Pre-shaped meshes can be supplied on request in different sizes.


  • Pre-Shaped is the product to be used in a "tension-free" hernia repair technique.
  • Well tolerated by the body
  • Monofilament fibers are less prone to harbor bacteria than multifilament fibers.
  • This product is for single use only
  • Soft, compliant knit structure
  • Biologically compliant